Welcome to the IES Ciudad de Jaén Bilingual Project Web Site!  Here you will find information on the activities of the Bilingual students at IES Ciudad de Jaen.



2007-2008 school year


1º and 2º de la ESO students attend a theatre performance (12th of May 2008)


In May, the theatre company “Moving On” will be coming to IES Ciudad de Jaén! The actors—all British—specialize in improving secondary students’ English in a fun and interesting way. We have heard great things about them, and we are really looking forward to the event!



More information about the group can be found at






Arrival of Italian students to Madrid (20th April 2008)


Ten Italian students and two teachers will be staying with our students of 1º, 3º, and 4º ESO, as part of a cultural exchange between the two countries. They will be in Spain for a week—up until the 26th of April. We hope they will have a great time!

Bienvenuto to the Italian students!


IES Ciudad de Jaén travels to Escuola G. Bettolo in Taranto, Southern Italy (3rd-10th of May 2008)


In reciprocity for our hosting of the Italian students, IES “Ciudad de Jaén” will be travelling to Italy for a week. We expect to study the Mediterranean and its environment, the remains of Roman and Greek civilization, and even visit the castle which once was part of the Spanish Empire. But above all, we hope to eat pizza, swim in the sea, and meet lots of new people!









2ºH students participate in a Model United Nations conference (Feb 2008)


For the second year in a row, IES Ciudad de Jaén participated in a Model United Nations conference, together with other schools from Madrid. Students act as delegates of various countries, and work to understand and effectively advocate the positions of those particular countries.


The students from 2ºH worked long and hard to acquire the knowledge and critical thinking skills that would allow them to debate effectively. Topics included global warming, the human rights crisis in Darfur, and the Millennium Development Goals, but students also had to learn specifics about their countries, and the general procedure of the United Nations assemblies.


Our efforts culminated in February 2008, with the actual conference, which took place in St. Louis University. Thirteen schools—over 200 students—were in attendance. In the end, two teams from Ciudad de Jaén received honourable mentions: Raquel Marques and Amy Peralta received a prize for their position paper, whereas Natalia Ortiz and Adriana Suquilanda received one for their performance during the conference. We are extremely proud of them, and of the 2º H in general, for their hard work and excellent results. Congratulations!



More information about the program may be found here:





Students at IES Ciudad de Jaén often have the chance to go on outings to parks and museums:


Visit to Carranque Arqueological Site (projected for May 2008).

Last year, bilingual students travelled to Carranque to visit the Archaeological park and to see the archaeological site with its ruins and ancient mosaics.  Students spent the day exploring and learning.  All students were quick to recognize the mosaic of Poseidon, which had been replicated as an art project in the hallways of IES Ciudad de Jaen. Last year’s success has prompted us to organize another trip for this year.


Two links about Carranque are below.  We recommend you visit!





Visit to the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal, to see an exhibition on Rome (Dec 2007).

2ºH students visited the Centro de Exposiciones Arte Canal, to see the “Roma, Senatus Populus Que Romanus” exhibit. The museum featured sections on society, religion, games, everyday life, and the Roman Empire—topics that our students had been studying for several months.


Here is a link about the exhibit:




Visit to the Thyssen Museum (Dec 2007).

3ºH students visited the Thiessen Museum, receiving a guided visit (in English) on Medieval and Rennaissance art. They had been studying this topic extensively, and managed to see works of art by Simone Martini, Duccio, Gentile Bellini, Ghirlandaio, Bronzino, and El Greco.


Here is a link to the museum:








NBA players come to IES Ciudad de Jaén; students go to the embassy (Oct 2007).

In October 2007, several NBA players came to the IES Ciudad de Jaén, to inaugurate new basketball courts. Two Raptors players, Darrick Martin and Kris Humphries, and two basketball legends, Spencer Haywood and Kenny Smith, spent the afternoon teaching students and showing off some of their skills. Some Ciudad de Jaén children had the chance to go to the US embassy, to meet some of the other NBA players—including Calderón and Garbajosa. 







Students establish links with children from other countries

Bilingual students at IES Ciudad de Jaen have friends all over the world!  We have twin schools located in India, England and the United States.  Together we do projects and communicate by letter and by email. Recently, the students from 3ºH conducted a joint project on water conservation with Nath Valley students from India. Topics included aljibes, wells, water conservation, and the Expo Zaragoza. Visit the school web sites and meet our friends! 


Nath Valley School, Nath Valley, India



PS 306, New York, United States



Manning School, Nottingham, England









2006-2007 school year


One of our students travels to New York! (May 2007)

In May 2007, Macarena Mazario (from 2H) was selected by the Global Classrooms committee and was given the chance to travel to New York to participate in a worldwide Model United Nations conference with students from all over the world.  She stayed in the Grand Hyatt Hotel and spent one week representing Guinea-Bissau and debating issues pertinent to that country. 


The links below describes the event in greater detail: 






Students participate in a Model United Nations Conference (Feb 2007)

In February 2007, 2ºH students gathered together from all over Madrid to participate in the Madrid Model United Nations Conference.  Issues included world health, women’s rights and illegal weapons trading.  A description of the program can be found through the link below:






Students meet Esperanza Aguirre (Oct 2007)

In October 2007, several students visited the Comunidad de Madrid reception for bilingual students and had a chance to meet Esperanza Aguirre!  Click the link below for photos: 







Each Bilingual class has its own delegate, and excerpts from interviews with the classroom delegates are transcribed below: 


With Natalia Ortiz Novoa: 

‘I started the bilingual program at age eight when I was a student at Colegio Ciudad de Jaen.  I want to be a lawyer when I am older, and I think English will help me communicate with foreign clients and with foreign businesses.  If I could travel to any English speaking city, I would go to New York.’


With Jose Manuel Rubia Cobas:

‘I joined the bilingual program two years ago here at IES Ciudad de Jaen.  I really enjoyed the recent excursion to Carranque and I wanted to know how they made the mosaics that we saw there.  I find English useful when I play video games, now I understand most of what the characters say.  Next year I hope the Bilingual program has even more excursions!’


With Cristina Villa Garrido: 

‘I began the Bilingual program in preschool when I was three years old.  My best Bilingual experience was definitely the trip to London last year.  I attended class with British students, made friends with Ame and Kerry, and went bowling.  I didn’t like the food in England.  We camped outside and I went from tent to tent all night talking, I really did not sleep much.  My advice to students next year is to study, listen to the teachers, and get a dictionary!  When I am older I want to be a lawyer or a journalist.  Being bilingual has a lot of advantages in the world, you learn a lot and get to know many people.’